Virginia protective order violation

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Reckless driving in Virginia-Ticket Cost

What is reckless driving in Virginia and how it is different from a speeding ticket? In Virginia there are two major speeding tickets; one is handed out for going beyond the absolute stated speed limit, and the other one is handed when someone is violating the basic speed limit in the region. Absolute speed limit … Read more


When it is domestic violence, there are civil court orders present in this area which are designed to prevent violence within a family and keeping the abuser away. These civil court orders are ‘family abuse protective orders’. There are three main types of protective orders for family abuse that are present in Virginia State. Emergency … Read more

Discussing About Solicitation of Prostitution Laws in Virginia

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Why Should You Know About the Speeding Laws in Virginia?

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Whether you a minor or an adult, there are long-term harmful consequences if you have been accused of a sex crime. Even a minor sexual offense can have you labeled as a ‘sexual offender’, permanently, affecting your life forever. In Virginia, sex crimes are broadly divided into two major categories, viz. sexually violent offenses and … Read more