Can A Realtor Represent You In Court In Virginia?

Buying a property is most likely to be one of the biggest and most important transaction of your life that is the reason behind the fact that a large number of property buyer in Virginia decides to hire the services of a realtor to help in looking for the house they desire according to desire and negotiate best price on their behalf. Realtors in Virginia are usually classified into two categories, which are property buying realtors and property selling realtors. Home buying realtors aim to make the buying process hassle free for the property buyers in Virginia with their vast knowledge of the real estate market and understanding of the specifications of the neighborhoods, sellers, etc. On the other hand, most of the sellers hire realtors’ service in order to get the best price for their property. At times the buyers of property in Virginia also tends to hire real estate lawyers in addition to the service of a buying realtor and in some cases in place of a buying realtor to represent their interest in the process of buying the property. Real estate lawyers in Virginia are highly adept in real estate cases as they possess great knowledge about all the real estate laws and are empowered to offer their valuable counseling over the legal matters that could arise during the process of buying property in Virginia. Irrespective of the fact that you have hired the services of a buying realtor or a real estate lawyer, you would not only be paying them for their respective services but a conflict in buying process might lead to a court case and the question arises if a realtor could represent you in a court in Virginia.

When in Virginia, it is advisable to hire a realtor whether you are looking to buy a house, townhouse, condo or other residential space in Virginia in order to get help in search for the perfect place as well as managing each and every complicated procedure that is associated with the purchase. A well skilled realtor would be capable of assisting you in each step of the process of buying property ranging from drafting your written offer and negotiating price with the seller and further key terms to coordinating the process of escrow and closing of the purchase deal. Your realtor would also assist in further hiring additional professional help to assist you with the process of buying property such as property inspectors and mortgage brokers.

Virginia differs from those states of U.S., which make it essential for buyers to engage a real estate lawyer in the process of buying property. Although, in Virginia it is not essential to hire a real estate lawyer in the process but there is a chance that a conflict could arise during the buying process that leads you to court. This means that eventually you would be required to hire the services of a real estate lawyer at a point of the process of buying property because in the event of the legal problem related to the purchase of property, only an authorized real estate lawyer would be able to offer legal counselling and represent you in court. This means that a realtor could not represent you in court in Virginia.