Chesterfield Virginia Narcotics Laws

Narcotic charges are classified into several categories, and serious penalties are inflicted upon those found in possession of such drugs. Whether you possess a small quantity of cocaine or are involved in the distribution or manufacturing of cocaine, you may have to face severe penalties including imprisonment and fines, depending on the nature of your crime.

If you have been charged with the possession of narcotics, it is crucial to hire an experienced lawyer, as he or she will help you in securing your rights and reducing the sentence. Getting caught in such offenses can have a devastating experience for your family members and relatives. It can destroy your self-esteem and ruin your self-confidence, whilst deeply affecting your physical and mental wellbeing. This may have the tendency to trigger suicidal thoughts in various individuals. You can eliminate such consequences by hiring a reliable and professional lawyer who will handle your case efficiently in the court. Experienced lawyers have the skills that can help you reduce the sentence and fines inflicted upon you by the court.

Laws Pertaining to Narcotics in Chesterfield Virginia

According to the narcotics laws in Chesterfield, Virginia, you can be charged under the narcotics case in the following situations:

  1. When found in the possession of illegal narcotic drugs
  2. When illegal drugs are found in possession of individuals that have been distributing or are willing to distribute those drugs
  3. When individuals are found abusing prescription narcotics
  4. When individuals are found committing criminal activity under the influence of drugs
  5. When individuals are found selling or distributing prescription narcotics or illegal drugs
  6. Faking a doctor’s signature to get access to drugs

Narcotics cases are taken quite seriously in Virginia and severe penalties are charged for the offense. An individual who has been charged on a narcotics case may have to pay a hefty sum of a fine of up to 500,000 dollars, along with a penalty of several years in jail. You won’t necessarily have to face a jail term when caught in a narcotics case, the severity of the punishment or penalty depends on the nature of your case. Moreover, if an experienced lawyer is hired, he or she can help in reducing the sentence by staging a strong case, which implies that hiring an experienced lawyer is essential if you are caught up in a narcotics case and want to alleviate the charges.

Penalty for Violation of Laws

According to the Section § 18.2-255 of Virginian Law of Narcotics “It shall be unlawful for any person who is at least 18 years of age to knowingly or intentionally (i) distribute any drug classified in Schedule I, II, III or IV or marijuana to any person under 18 years of age who is at least three years his junior or (ii) cause any person under 18 years of age to assist in such distribution of any drug classified in Schedule I, II, III or IV or marijuana. Any person violating this provision shall upon conviction be imprisoned in a state correctional facility for a period not less than 10 nor more than 50 years, and fined not more than $100,000. “