in decent liberties with a minor In Virginia

There are so many sex crimes that are being committed in the world today that it is pretty much essential to separate them from one another and attempt to make it easier to ascertain which of the acts that are described have been committed in any specific case. The process of figuring out which kind of sex crime has been committed is a long and arduous one, and it involves a lot of training commentary and dialogue all of which ends up making it take longer for the victim of a sex crime to get the justice that they deserve. However, that being as it may, there is a reason that things work in this manner, and this reason is the fact that there are a lot of specifics that you need to get into when attempting to ascertain the severity of the crime that has been committed.

One of the factors that goes into ascertaining the specific kind of sex crime that has been committed is the power dynamic between the perpetrator and the victim. If a power dynamic existed, the next thing to ascertain is what kind of sexual activity was engaged in. If there was penetration, then the prosecution is usually going to go for something like rape, something that would end up providing the judge with a reason to give a very serious prison sentence indeed, one that would end up making it possible for other people that might be thinking of committing crimes like this to think twice about what they are about to do.

However, if penetration was not achieved or even attempted, then one of the charges that a lot of prosecutors go for is indecent liberties. If the victim is a minor, and of course ascertaining the age of the victim in question is a very important aspect of the equation that is definitely taken very seriously indeed, then the charge is going to specifically be taking indecent liberties with a minor. This implies that sexual favors were asked for in situations where you were a parental figure or a guardian, something that would give you a disproportionate amount of power over the child in question and would make it difficult for them to defend themselves in any way. The thing about indecent liberties is that it allows prosecutors to bring in a number of transgressions into the same charge.

This is important because of the fact that sexual manipulation and the like is not a single act. Rather, it is a series of acts that all involve coercion, lack of consent and often violence. Using charges like this allows prosecutors to be a little more aggressive, and manipulate court proceedings in order to get the sort of decision that they actually want. These charges can also be used to convince juries that the defendant is guilty because narratives can be formed with the context established by this sentence being on the table.

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