Indecent Liberties Lawyer Fairfax

Indecent Liberties in Fairfax:

Thousands of indecent liberties cases are reported every year in Fairfax. Indecent liberties are considered as a sex crime as it involves to sexually abusing someone knowingly. This also includes the sexual contact with a person forcibly, by exposing the private parts of the perpetrator to the victim or by asking the victim to get in contact with them. In Fairfax, this crime is subjected to be class 1misdemeanor. The indecent liberties lawyer Fairfax provides legal assistance to the victim and the defender. This lawyer works on the principle that neither the guilty should set free nor the innocent should face any penalty. If indecent liberties are committed with a child, it is called as indecent liberties with a minor. These type of cases are subjected to aggravated indecent liberties with a child or just indecent liberties with a child.

Rights of the Victim:

According to the legislation, there are some rights provided to the victim. These rights are significantly influenced by the state, federal, or local judicial system in which the victims are treated. There are specific legal rights and assistance programs for a victim of crime. The indecent liberties lawyer Fairfax makes it possible that each right is given to the person who is suffered from indecent liberties. It is their core responsibility to notify these basic rights to the victim of crime. The basic rights of the victim of crime include that:

  • Victim should be treated with fairness and respect
  • Victim can restitute him/herself from the offender
  • Victim has a right to privacy
  • He/she can also ask for the expeditious revert of the personal property seized during the trial
  • They can attend the proceedings of the case
  • They are protected from any intimidation and harassment
  • Victim can also apply for the compensation of the crime

As the rights are afforded by state, it is necessary that they be enforced. The law enforcement agencies and indecent liberties lawyer Fairfax makes it possible that these rights are given to the victim of the crime. The human right organizations also do campaigns for the public awareness of this crime and about the rights of the victim of the crime.

Penalties on the Accused:

To be convicted of indecent liberties is a serious crime. One can face extremely harsh penalties against such type of offense. The type of penalties that can be charged on the accused includes fines up to $2500, registration as a sex offender, imprisonment up to 30 years, etc. These penalties depend upon the type of the crime committed and the age of the culprit. One who is accused of indecent liberties must hire an indecent liberties lawyer Fairfax to consult. These lawyers legally assist their clients by giving knowledge and understanding of how they can be defended. These lawyers are client-centric and communicate with the person in such a way that he/she feels comfortable to speak in front of them. These indecent liberties lawyer Fairfax can strategize against the case and projects in such a way that their client gets justice.