Juvenile Felony Charges in Loudoun Virginia

Juvenile felony relates to the acts of minors or juveniles, which violates the state’s law and are identified as violent crimes in the concerned state. According to the different human developmental studies, it is common for adolescents to take the adventurous approach, which challenges their limits and fears. Similarly, as per a common observation, it is quite natural for minors to indulge in practices that may pose problems to themselves, their families, and the people around them. Thus, numerous cases have been reported from around the world that relates to actions of juveniles which violates the criminal statutes of the state. In this regard, juvenile felony charges in Loudon Virginia are of increased significance, since there has been an evident rise in such cases in this state.

Most of the states possess separate Juvenile Court that addresses cases of juvenile felony and then implicates litigations that are different as the litigations that are implicated on adults. In some states, juvenile felony charges are lenient than the adult charges, nevertheless, an opposite trend is also reported in some states. In terms of juvenile felony charges in Loudon Virginia, a similar trend is found where severe charges are implicated upon the delinquent juvenile. The juvenile court of Loudon Virginia may impose different charges, based on the severity of the criminal act and its consequences. Within this context, the juvenile felony charges in Loudon Virginia can result in imposition of limitation of activities on the juvenile and/or parents, placement of the juvenile in any juvenile correctional facility under the custody of Department of Juvenile Justice, implication of detention on the juvenile, infliction of probation, imposition of a fine, or transfer of legal custody of the juvenile to any other relative or to social service agency.

In addition to these juvenile felony charges in Loudon Virginia, another severe aspect of these charges can be seen from the fact that these charges can result in a permanent public record, which can then impose permanent negative impression on the entire lifetime of the individual. As per the statute of Virginia Code § 16.1-305, which concerns the confidentiality of court records, if a juvenile is found to be delinquent, all of the court records shall be made open to the public. Moreover, the Virginia Code § 16.1-299.1 imposes that the record of DNA and fingerprints of the delinquent juvenile shall be submitted to Central Criminal Records Exchange. This implicates that whenever the criminal background of the individual shall be checked later in the future, all of the reports of the individual being convicted of a juvenile felony shall come forth.

This identification of the long-term consequences of juvenile felony charges in Loudon Virginia stresses upon the juvenile court system to pay concern towards the severity of the felony charges and its long-term impact on the life of a delinquent juvenile. It must also be taken into consideration that even minor felony acts of the juvenile can result in permanent strain on the later life of the individual. Thus, it is asserted for parents whose children have been found to be involved in a felony, to immediately hire a professional juvenile felony attorney so that the case may be smoothly catered and the child’s future may be protected.