How to lower a reckless driving charge in Chesterfield VA?

As per the traffic code designed by US government reckless driving is classified as a serious offense. Under the light of Virginia law any individual or group of individuals found driving recklessly on the roads of commonwealth are prescribed to the crime of reckless driving. Reckless driving is considered to be a more serious crime than that of careless or inappropriate driving. In careless driving people around are not vulnerable while in case of reckless driving people and property around is considered to be endangered. Any individual found guilty in any of the following situations is subjected to the crime of reckless driving:

  1. In case if a person is driving rashly on the roads of commonwealth;
  2. In case if a person is driving rashly in a drunk state;
  3. In case if a person’s driving speed is approaching 80 miles per hour;
  4. In case if a person illegally tries to intervene between two moving vehicles.

Reckless driving is a serious offense in which the culprit is convicted to the class 1 misdemeanor, where severe penalties are charged by the court. Penalties imposed by the court also depend upon the previous driving record of the driver. Following are the penalties imposed on the accused:

  • Imprisonment of six months or a year, depending upon the nature of the reckless driving crime;
  • Heavy fine of up to $2500;
  • Suspension of driving permit for a certain period of time;
  • Marking of 6 demerit points on the driving These points stay on the driving record for at least eleven months.

The above mentioned penalties can put one’s future at stake in terms of driving record and other life prospects. However, these penalties can be lowered by arguing in the court. Accused can proclaim in the court that although he or she was wrong but no one around was vulnerable. This cannot be done without the help of a legal attorney or representative. Without an experienced legal lawyer it becomes difficult for an accused to resolve such concerns alone, he or she cannot argue in the court without have a staunch support. In order to help you out with your concerns Law offices of SRIS P.C. is here, we can deal with reckless driving charges smartly. All what you have to do is contact us and fix an appointment as soon as possible, to avoid any severe consequences. We have a group of experienced as well as well-informed attorneys who are capable of handling such circumstances intellectually. For you convenience minor details regarding a reckless driving charge are mentioned on our website.

Traffic violations, specifically reckless driving are serious allegations, which subject one to severe penalties which can prove out to be hazardous in future also, therefore in order to lower a reckless driving charge in Chesterfield you are advised to contact Law offices of SRIS P.C. immediately. We are here to provide you with what you require!