Personal Injury and Accident Prince William Lawyers

Shops and commercial establishments have a large pedestrian traffic. Statistically, this increases the number of accidents, even when all precautionary measures are taken, something that is not common in all cases. The National Flooring Safety Institute (NFSI) reported that 8 million emergency visits to hospitals are due to falls. Many accidents are minor in Prince William County, while others are severe enough to require medical attention and to hire the services of one of the best personal injury and accident Prince William lawyers. Here we will discuss the most common types of accidents in stores and what you should do to make a claim.

Most Common Accidents in Stores and How They Happen

  1. Slips: There are many reasons why customers can slip, but the most common are due to substances spilled on the floor, or the wet floor due to cleaning or shoes wet from the rain according to personal injury and accident Prince William lawyers.
  2. Trips: Usually the merchandise is not placed on the shelves while the stores are open to the public, but sometimes, boxes with small goods or ladders are left in the aisles of stores. These unexpected obstacles create a dangerous situation facilitating the possibility of tripping over them.
  3. Knee Sprains: In many offices and commercial establishments carpets deteriorate, break and lift. This is a dangerous condition because it is easy to get a foot in the carpet and fall. Carpets damaged or frayed in part, are dangerous especially for women with heels, where the heel can be easily entangled and twist the foot. Experienced personal injury and accident Prince William lawyers recommend employers to notify the owner of the property about this, especially accidents due to torn carpets, to act within the reasonable time to remedy the situation. Meanwhile, they must demarcate the area of the carpet that is broken or torn to avoid falls. If there is a piece of broken carpet in a work center, the owner of the premises is usually not responsible if he was not notified of the condition and does not have access to the premises.
  4. Blows and Contusions: Misplaced merchandise creates an extremely serious situation, say personal injury and accident Prince William lawyers. Clients that remove items from the shelves, sometimes release the rest of the pieces or boxes that have been misplaced. Cases have occurred where the merchandise is so heavy and has fallen so hard on the customer’s head that it has produced fatal injuries.
  5. Falls in Parking Lots: Many shopping centers and stores lack good lighting in the parking lot and/or not all external lanterns work. With low light and hands busy with purchases, it is easy to fall and that happens very frequently.

If you are a victim of any one or more of the above described injuries, then it is critical to retain one of the most reliable personal injury and accident Prince William lawyers to help you obtain the compensation for the injuries and damages you have suffered.

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