Single and planning to purchase a home in Fairfax VA?

There is a dearth of single home for sale in Fairfax VA and prices of residential properties is increasing at a rate of 6% annually. You might have to face a number of challenges and complications if you to change your label from a renter to a homeowner. People who seek single home for sale in VA face a number of issues and hurdles because they have imperfect credit history as well a very limited occupational background.

If you are single and thinking of buying a single home in Fairfax VA, then you should prepare yourself for the complications that you will be facing throughout the navigation process. Because single home buyers do not have a spouse so they have only their own salary to pay the bills, rent, and other expenses, they have to face the complications that arise from tight lending standards.

Over the past five years, a significant decline has been observed among the number of single home purchasers. According to the report released by the National Association of Realtors, in 2013 only 16% of single home buyers were female and 9% were males as compared to 20% females and 12% males in 2010. An addition to the tightened lending rules, another factor that directly contributes to the declining single home buyers is the weak job market that burdens people with debt.

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