Out of the six classes of felonies, class 5 felony is subject to lesser charges and punishments as compared to the other four classes. Under the law of Virginia, Class 5 Felony punishment can involve the sentence to imprisonment for less than one year and up to 10 years in jail. The offenses that fall under class 5 felony include murder, sexual battery, extortion, traffic violation offenses involving severe physical harm or death, sexual assault offenses, selling the stolen items and domestic violence. Under the law of Virginia, Class 5 felony punishment depends on some factors. Because of the fact that a class 5 felony can also be called as wobbler crimes because it can be either treated as a misdemeanor or felony charges.

In Virginia, Class 5 Felony punishment depends upon the prosecution because the prosecution decides how to treat the criminal case by considering some factors. If a crime is considered as a misdemeanor then it might benefit the convicted because the time of imprisonment and the penalty fine will be reduced. Up to one year in jail and a maximum of $2,500 of penalty fine will be charged if the case is treated as a misdemeanour and if it is treated as a felony, then as per the law of Virginia, Class 5 Felony punishment will be charged that can result in one to 10 years in jail. Therefore, if class 5 felony is considered as a misdemeanor then Virginia, Class 5 Felony punishment not charged to the conviction that will reduce many years in prison and also the amount of penalty fine.

A class 5 felony can also be a serious crime in the state of Virginia. Nevertheless, class 5 felony is included as the lowest classification of felonies that makes it possible to get away with a prison term.

The defense attorney in Virginia helps people who are convicted or are accused of Class 5 felony. The defense attorney in Virginia is a team of skilled and well-experienced lawyers that are always there to assist and guide their clients in every way possible. The defense lawyers deal with these cases every other day and have complete legal knowledge about them. The defense attorney knows all the requirements of the court and knows best how to fulfill them by establishing a strong defense against the case.

However, if someone is convicted or accused of any crime that comes under class 5 felony. Most probably, they will be contacted and called by any law enforcing agency or local authorities for detailed investigations. The case can go worse if they find out any little thing against the accused because they might immediately charge them. Nevertheless, it is better to contact the defense attorney in Virginia as soon as possible. The defense attorney will also carry out his or her own research for the evidence and proves to form a strong defense case against the client. With complete legal knowledge and information, they are capable to carry out the best outcomes possible in the case.